About linen

As a team of creators in love with all amazing qualities linen possesses, we create all our designs with passion and dedication. Each of our peace is made with the mission to help you reveal your natural beauty, uniqueness and sense of freedom. Comfort, careless look, naturalism, vivacious aura, timeless and minimalistic designs – it’s what our collection is about.


You probably know that linen has been used for centuries in the production of various items: canvases, wallpapers, bedding and of course, clothes. Today, linen is one of the most appreciated materials in the world, by people who value naturalness, healthy lifestyle and comfort. To better understand why linen is in a continuous process of becomming more and more popular worldwide, we created this section.

First of all: Let’s look at the great number of its advantages:

  • Linen, out of all fabrics, forms the best microclimate for skin. The material is air-conductive, absorbs humidity and sweat. Linen is irreplaceable in summer because it disperses humidity and maintains regular body temperature. It provides warming effect in winter.
    • Linen fiber can absorb up to 20% of its weight and does not get wet. It is a great benefit, not only for kitchen and bath products but also for everyday clothes, because the skin sweats and swelters less. It is essential for people with sensitive skin and eczema tendencies.
    • The fabric is resistant to static electricity. Linen dissolves radioactive impact in half and protects a human body from ultraviolet rays.
    • It is an organic fabric! It does not leave any waste. It does not do any harm to nature or ecology. All products made of this material are biodegradable.
    • Linen has antibacterial properties, it is air-conductive, and it is suitable for people with allergies.
    • This fabric is 3 times stronger and 5 times more resistant to friction than cotton.

Taking proper care of linen items

You should know that taking care of linen is not as difficult as it may seem. However, we will discuss a few main rules that will help to keep linen products in good shape and of great quality much longer.

Linen products may be washed by hand or washing machine. However, we recommend washing it for the first time in cool 30°C water, spin-out program, separately from another laundry, using a bleach-free laundry detergent. Also, bleach with chlorine is not recommended since it is prone to damaging the structure of the material. If possible, we always recommend washing it in mild water. Do not launder dark and light fabrics together. If you are washing clothes with a washing machine, do not overload it, so the fabric can move freely. Otherwise, it might crease or become stripy.

It can be dried in natural conditions or in a dryer with a gentle care program (delicate) and low temperature. If possible, we always recommend choosing the natural way of drying. Washed and gently wrung fabric has to dry while hung, so the water can run down. The fabric can also be laid horizontally. Note that linen dries very quickly, so it is very important not to over-dry it in the sun. It makes the fabric more difficult to iron afterward. If the products are being dried in the dryer, they must be taken out while still humid.

Linen is naturally wrinkly, and that is one of the most beautiful features of it since it reveals its naturalness. Wrinkles of linen represent its authenticity and quality. We recommend not to iron linen clothes in order to maintain softness and fluff. Although, if you still want to iron your linen products, do it with low temperature while it is still a little humid. It will iron better and there will not be any need to wet it while doing so. Iron it from the inside out, this way the surface of linen will be protected from gloss and decoloring.

The storage of linen
Before storing, make sure that the products are completely dry! It is best to keep linen products in a dry and cool room, away from direct sunlight. We recommend keeping them out of plastic bags! From time to time, let the fabric stay in a well-ventilated space. After every wash, linen fabric becomes softer and less likely to wrinkle.

We are happy that you are interested in this irreplaceable material, and hope you will enjoy all of its amazing qualities, by choosing Wavy Linen desings. Each of them is made with love and dedication.

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